Your Family History

Researching Your Family History

All Saints Church has a rich history that spans many centuries. 

It’s wonderful that many people when researching their family history find a link or possible link with Kirk Hallam. And every year the Vicar gets hundreds of requests from people all around the world in respect of the research they have done, with the view to the Vicar now researching their family’s Kirk Hallam connection.

The Vicar is a very busy person, but a helpful person.  The Church of England states that such searches are charged at £25 per hour or part hour so the Vicar or other relevant person can only start to look in the church records or grave yard monuments once a written request has been made and cheque has been received for £25 (made payable to All Saints Church PCC) for the first hour’s research. 

Requests are usually turned around within a month, and if an email address is supplied then photos can be attached.

However it is worth noting that the church only keeps the records of weddings, deaths and baptisms until the official book is full. And we have a lot each year, so books soon get full.  Full books are archived at the County Archives at Matlock and you may find the information you are looking for on their website quicker (and cheaper) but currently all the completed books and other documentation from Kirk Hallam parish are not catalogued on their website, so a phone call to the team at County Archives may also be needed.